At our family lodge in Tiszaalpár, Hungary, you'll find seven comfortable en-suite rooms. Each room is designed to offer you a cozy retreat after a day of photography or birdwatching.

The Oriole Lodge has got 4 double, 1 triple and 1 single room, all with separate entrances. All rooms have free WIFI access, some rooms are equipped with air conditioners.

Just outside your rooms you will find yourself in the huge garden with lovely flowerbeds and big trees that attract a big variety of insects, butterflies, even reptiles (eg. Sand Lizzard, European Pond Terrapin). At the back of the garden a spacious patio was built. it's a pleasent place to sit down and watch or listen to all sorts of backyard birds. We have a small pond next to it where several species of dragonflies and other water insects can be observed. In the far end of the garden there is a bird drinking pool with a small dug in hide.