We provide purpose-built bird photography hides strategically located in the nature hotspots of the Kiskunság area, Hungary. Our hides are designed to offer you the best vantage points for capturing stunning wildlife images while ensuring minimal disturbance to diverse fauna and flora.

What makes our hides unique is that all are located in various natural habitats considering best light directions and foreground/background possibilities. Most hides are pretty simple but at the same time functional and comfortable constructions, easy to access, move or turn in order to provide optimal conditions for shooting. To ensure getting the best image quality during sessions we use one-way glass only when it's inevitable.

The number of hand-made nestboxes is increasing every year, in total we are using appr. 70 boxes for typical steppe bird species like European Roller, Hoopoe, Little Owl, Scops Owl, Wryneck, Starling, etc. Most of the artificial boxes have been replaced by natural hollow logs of all sizes and mounted at appr. 1,5 m height in order to get potential places for temporal hides.

The only hide where we are using live bait (only small fish) is where we are expecting Kingfisher, not mentioning occasional baiting with mealworms.